I mainly photography weddings, events, and still lifes but love photography of all types and pretty much always have a camera of some sort on me.

I started photographing weddings in 1999 with a wonderful photographer named Kwong Hui who owns Portraits of Timeless Elegance in Dallas, Texas. My B.F.A. with a major in photography and a minor in Art History was completed in 2004 from the College of Santa Fe. I have also worked with the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops (which I fully recommend if you ever get the chance to go out there - they an amazing group of photographers to take workshops from!)

My experience as a wedding photographer coupled with an extensive education gives me the knowledge and skill to create exquisite images that happy couples and their families can treasure for a lifetime.

I started out in photography working traditionally - film camera, darkroom, even hand developing film and working in historical processes. When digital started coming into its own, I made the jump and learned Photoshop. A (digital or film) camera is still just a tool that relies on the photographer to capture the images with artistic skill and talent. Computer technology allows me to use technology to my advantage for creative photo enhancements and extra finishing touches that turn your photos into works of art.

Thank you,
Dishy Photography

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